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Digging deep to offset S.I.D.S Samoa meeting

The OffsetISLANDS 2014, which involved an action and awareness campaign supported by the Samoa Observer, had been successful in showing how Samoa was minimizing carbon emissions through recycling and renewable en...

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Samoa world leader

The United Nations Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (U.N.F.C.C.C.), Christiana Figueres, has praised Sa...

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Minister Tupa’i reveals National govt’s plan

“The election campaign is a bit of a circus back at the moment the media have done that to it. I just expect that in the final week or so that people will get to focus on the key issues that always should dominate election ca...

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Brand intelligently, expert tells Samoa

For Samoa to be able to trade effectively, it must brand itself intelligently, says Executive Director of the International Trade Centre (I.T.C), Arancha Gonz...

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M.P’s wait for govt. response

“It shouldn't be swept under the carpet. We want to pursue (this matter) to the end and do our duty” – Tu’u’u Anasi’i Leota

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P.M.’s mystery visitor charged

The mystery man who tried to enter the Prime Minister’s office on Tuesday last week has been arrested and is locked up in Police custody.

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Voting ends in Fiji’s first election since 2006

The NZ Herald- Candidate Roshika Deo is keen to end a dictatorship which she says has put Fiji in the "dark ages" in economic progress and human rights.

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Cop suspended over alcohol-related crash

A 48-year-old Police officer has been suspended for refusing to take a breathalyzer test after he skidded off the road at Vaiusu last Saturday.

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Mentoring the future of local businesses

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BEING MENTORED: The Pacific Business Mentoring programme has completed a four day training for business. The training was conducted by Robyn Putt and Jon Brewerton from New Zealand and covered Business Planning, Business Finance and Customer Service. Nineteen participants from 17 various private sector companies attended the workshop.

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Samoa Shipping disputes findings

“The daily collection not being banked on a daily basis is really not a result of using cash to pay for some operating expenses as stated above” – Samoa Shipping Corporation

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$2.3 million project signed

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Samoa and the United Nations Development Programme (U.N.D.P) yesterday signed a new project, worth US$1million (T$2.3m) to step up efforts to meet obligations under the Rio Conventions on biodiversity, climate change and desertification.

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Eye sight help available

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Seven eye specialists from Fiji are in Samoa to make a difference, thanks to assistance from the Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand.

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F.F.S. focuses on coaching education

“This is the right time to bring coaches at a senior level together. The game is constantly evolving and we have to upgrade and follow the latest trends so it is our role to provide them with the tools to deliver effective training sessions”, states Toselli.

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Players look to explore loophole

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Depth shouldn’t be a problem for Samoa heading into the 2015 Rugby World Cup, thanks in large part to the Olympic sevens eligibility loophole.

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Tuilagi is raring to go at full tilt, fuelled by failures of his season from hell in 2013-14

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PR - Bullish centre wants to banish memories of a year ruined by injury woe for both club and country, he tells Steve James, The Telegraph

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Eliota: A rebel with a cause

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A poster of the 2005 Blues rugby development team adorns one wall of Sapolu Law's reception area.

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Teuila fashion show a hit

In fine style, the Government Building was host to the Teuila Festival’s very first fashion show last Thursday. President of the Samoa Mamanu and Elei Design Association, Susana Ah Wong, said this event was a great opportunity for the designers to promote both their products and Samoa.

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The right thing to do

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Somebody should have the decency to officially tell the former Commissioner of Police that his services are no longer needed. If they don’t know how, here are some very simple steps.

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We are stars in the darkest night

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When the light of the sky shines through the clouds, I think of my daughter sitting there watching...

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Key All Blacks could be missing in Apia

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“Samoa appears to be getting stronger. It will be interesting to see if, by that stage, they have ...

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The arduous journey To a promising desti

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As a student in year thirteen, in the midst of the concluding year for education and the precipice...

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As you probably know, my last article was about bringing family here, to Samoa. But this one is ab...

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Observer Events

Talofa lava!

After watching several episodes of the “Worlds’ co...

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Savaia Marine Reserve “Building a better

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Nestled in the peaceful and serene Lefaga Bay is...

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The debate needs to be balanced

Dear Editor, Re: Press power and rugby I first heard the Prime Minister talk about the unfair governance of the I.R.B way back in 2010 or at some point near there, long before the hoohah created at the Rugby World Cup in 2011.


Lay down the law

Dear Editor, It should anger every Samoan that we have clowns working in State owned Enterprises (S.O.Es) who are utterly incompetent and wasteful clowns.


Just tell the truth

Dear Editor, I was interested to read the comments from Steve Tew in the article republished by your paper under the headline “No such thing as an All Black B.”


Su’a Sio’s cheap politics

Dear Editor, It is getting into being an eyesore reading frequently about the frustrations of New Zealand’s Labour MP for Mangere, Afioga Su’a William Sio, vis-a-vis the politics related issues lately surfaced in New Zealand whilst that country’s general elections are just around the corner. What is crystal clear is the fact that most of Su’a’s concerns as raised are all linked to how those issues may affect his re-election.